Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort was constructed towards the end of the 15th century. The fort was built with defence in mind, and the slopes and the sudden twists and turns in the structure were meant to prevent the movement of enemy elephants. There are seven gates, which include Jayapol(victory), built by Maharaja Man Singh to commemorate his victories over Jaipur and Bikaner armies. The museum in the Mehrangarh fortress is a standout amongst the most generally-loaded galleries in Rajasthan. The museum exhibits the heritage of the Rathores in arms, costumes, paintings and decorated period rooms. The Fort’s museum, restaurants, audio tour, and lively on-going programs of exhibitions, festivals, craft bazaars, and other events have made Mehrangarh a true living cultural centre.

mehrangarh fort
umaid bhawan palace

Umaid Bhavan Palace

Jodhpur is called the land of forts and palaces. Umaid Bhavan Palace was built by Umaid Singh. it has a massive, domed lobby and lavish public rooms filled with objets d'art. The Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India now is a five star deluxe palace hotel. The museum of the Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur is highly recommended for its display of weapons, an array of stuffed leopards, a huge banner presented by Queen Victoria and an incredible collection of clocks. The Palace is divided into three functional parts - a luxury Taj Palace Hotel, the residence of the erstwhile royal family, and a Museum focusing on the 20th century history of the Jodhpur Royal Family. There is also a gallery showcasing the most exotic automobiles owned by the royals.

Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada is a white marble memorial built by Maharaja Sardar Singh of Jodhpur State in 1899 in memory of his father, Maharaja Jaswant Singh. This monument is built like a temple made entirely out of white marbles, with each marble sheet displaying intricate lattice carvings. These stones are extremely thin and polished so that they emit a warm glow when touched by the sun’s rays. The structure is a sign of a Rajputana style of architecture. The best time to visit Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur, is during the winter months, i.e. from October to March. It is the tourist season and the weather is quite enjoyable, so that the visitors get absorbed while exploring the beauty of the palace.

jaswant thada
mahamandir temple

Mahamandir Temple

Mahamandir Temple is one of the prime attractions of Jodhpur that was built in 1812. Located around two kilometres away from Jodhpur on the road towards Mandore, this temple carved 84 pillars in the temple are a sight to behold. It is very popular around the world for its intricate works in stone in which yogic postures are carved out. Moreover, several shrines and temples are located in the premises of Mahamandir Temple. Walls and pillars of the temple are beautifully designed like traditional motifs. The various beliefs and customs related to these temples help to add a lot of zeal and attraction to Jodhpur tourism.

Umed Garden

Umed Garden is one of the popular gardens of Jodhpur is the Jodhpur Umed garden. It is spread on an area of 82 acres. The famous Umed garden of Jodhpur, Rajasthan was developed by Maharaja Umed Singh. It is named after him only. The garden has five separate gates around it to facilitate entry to the garden from different directions. Also in the Umed garden, is a large cage for bears opposite the aviary. Also there are pigeons, crocodiles, foxes, deer, lions, leopards, etc. Children as well as adults very often visit the garden with equal interest. As a result tourist of all age groups visits Umed Garden in large number.

umed garden