Osian Temple

Osian Rajasthan is a little town situated 65 kms north west of Jodhpur. There are a group of Hindu and Jain temples in Osian constructed between eighth and twelfth centuries. Osian was a major focus of pilgrimage between the eighth and ninth centuries. A group of 11 Osian temples belonging to the eighth and ninth centuries are spotted inside Osian town. The oldest of the Osian temples is the Sun temple of Osian Rajasthan and different other temples are Harihara Temple, Vishnu Temple III, IV, V etc. In spite of the fact that small in size, all the Osian sanctuaries have been richly sculpted. An alternate striking characteristic of the sanctuaries is that no two sanctuaries are same in any way and each sanctuary has its unique outline.

osian temple
surya temple

Surya Temple

The oldest of the Osian temples is the Sun temple also known as surya temple was constructed in 10th century . The structure of the temple is regularly compared with the Sun Temple at Ranakpur. As the name suggests, this temple is dedicated to Lord Surya. The sanctum contains the striking idol of Lord Surya. On its ceilings are pictures of serpents curled around lotus flowers. Below it is depicted the biography of Lord Krishna. Inverse to this, the passage has erotic pictures of couples clutching one another in amorous embraces. The entryway of this temple is viewed as one of the finest temple entryways in India.

Harihara Hindu Temple

There are three Ossian Harihara temples close to Jodhpur. These temples are dedicated to Lord Harihara (Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu). one thing worth noticable in the Harihara sanctuaries is that the design of the temple is much more praiseworthy than a portion of other temples in Ossian. The column figures of the patio are particularly very intricate. These sanctuaries have sculptures that are renowned for their magnificence. The central shrine of the Harihara Temple remains on a terrace and is encompassed by four different temples combination of all these 5 temples is known as Panchavatan.

harihara hindu temple